According to GM waivers for, say, copper in brake pads, if a pad submission to a Tier 1 caliper supplier is rejected by the Tier 1 caliper supplier for copper 75%, what are the options to solve the rejection?

Work with the Tier 1 to develop a shared process for submitting/accepting MDS submittals containing substances that will be phased out prior to a regulatory implementation  date.        (We found this question to be unclear, so would suggest the supplier discuss with the individual OEMs.  Contact information can be found on IMDS website.) 

If GM is exiting Europe, will they still require IMDS entries? My understanding of IMDS is that it is intended to support EU recyclability rules.

IMDS entries will continue to be required for all GM parts, regardless of region.  The GM/Opel split requires IMDS entries for GM parts, IMDS entries for Opel parts (to Opel IMDS  Accounts) and IMDS entries to both GM and Opel for parts that are supplied to both companies.  IMDS data supports compliance to substance and recyclability regulations across the globe.  In addition, GM exited manufacturing operations in the EU, but does continue to sell vehicles in Europe.

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OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop Questions now 100% Answered

Answers to all OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop questions, have now been posted.  Special thanks to DXC, Honda, Toyota, Ford and GM for all the hard work in providing the detailed responses to all supplier technical questions over the past month.

How do you change the DUNS # in IMDS?

Answer courtesy of C. LePard, DXC Technologies

The DUNS number can be changed by a Company Administrator In Administration… Company. In the Search Results pane, select your company, right-mouse-click (or use the “Menu” button), then select “Edit”. Do NOT double-click on the Company in the search results as you may routinely do, as the double-click action is View Company Details, which does not allow editing. The Company Details Edit window allows changing the DUNS numbers for both the Company and any Org Units. Note that Company Name cannot be edited; a Company Administrator must email the Helpdesk to request a company name change. Justification may be required.

Why does IMDS not always bring up the latest submission even when using the IMDS number?

Answer courtesy of C. LePard, DXC Technologies

In some circumstances, the “latest” submission is not easily identified. If a supplier sends version 2 of a datasheet, then version 3, and the recipient accepts version 3, then version 2, which one is the “latest? From the supplier’s perspective, it is 3, but from the recipient’s perspective, it is 2, until the revised MDS is referenced from owned datasheets, at which time “latest” becomes indeterminate. There are valid situations where a company will accept revision 3, then revision 2, so we can’t just disable this capability without taking away a capability some companies need. IMDS does issue a warning when the latest version is not the most recent version, but this is about the best the system can do. This will likely remain a problematic situation that those sending and accepting MDSs should avoid creating whenever possible.