OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop Questions now 100% Answered

Answers to all OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop questions, have now been posted.  Special thanks to DXC, Honda, Toyota, Ford and GM for all the hard work in providing the detailed responses to all supplier technical questions over the past month.

Next OEM IMDS Workshop will be Sep 25, 2018


Registration for the next Tetra Tech OEM IMDS Workshop has opened today – May 23, 2018.  Initially registration will only be open for companies who attended the 1st Workshop which took place on Apr. 17th.  If there are any remaining openings for the Sep workshop in mid- June, we will then extend invitations to companies who did not attend the first workshop.


How to Fix the Most Common IMDS Rejections, from the OEMs’ list of top rejections. Avoid the send/reject/re-send/re-reject cycle of misery!

About this Event

  • Proficiency in IMDS is necessary for participation in this Workshop. An IMDS training is offered on Sep 24 at the same venue if you need to brush up prior to the workshop
  • This Workshop (#2) builds upon the information presented in April’s Workshop #1. Therefore attendance is by invitation only. Invites are only being sent out to companies who already attended Workshop #1. If your company did attend, you may send a different employee to Workshop #2.
  • The Workshop will be very hands-on. You will be working in groups as team members, creating IMDS submissions reflecting real-life IMDS problems, We are basing it on your submitted questions and suggestions from Workshop #1.  For a preview of how the workshop groups will operate and a sample of the types of exercises they will work on, download this file.
  • As Workshop #2 will be more intensive and challenging than Workshop #1, its attendance will be capped at a maximum of 50 in the interests of maintaining a low student/instructor ratio.


• High-level explanation of how OEM systems interact with IMDS. Provide lower tier suppliers with a better understanding on how data is managed throughout the supply chain through to the OEM.

• High-level explanation of OEM data review process. Hands-on group activities that elaborate on primary reasons for rejected submissions, making corrections and preventing reoccurrences.

• The importance of knowing the top reasons for rejections for the review of supplier datasheet submissions.

• The importance of communicating your customer’s data requirements to your suppliers.

• Understanding your customer’s process for data review. Does your customer rely on internal systems and/or individual review? When individuals review is there specific instruction on what is and what is not acceptable?

Instructor/Student ratio will be no higher than 10:1. Workgroups will be facilitated by either OEMs or contractors who are experts at OEM data quality requirements and experienced with the Top 24 Rejection Reasons.

Tetra Tech Facilitates Major Automotive Industry Event

Tetra Tech is partnering with the four major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)—Ford, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota—to facilitate a rare opportunity for the automotive supply chain to hear directly from OEMs about their needs and reporting requirements.

Tetra Tech will present the Automotive OEM International Material Data System (IMDS) and China Automotive Material Data System (CAMDS) Workshop in Novi, Michigan, on April 17, 2018. Automotive suppliers will hear from OEMs about:

  • What they want from their supply chains
  • When they need data
  • What new requirements they are implementing in the near future

GM, Ford, Honda, and Toyota will present their IMDS and CAMDS requirements and welcome supplier feedback regarding submission issues and concerns. Attendees also can participate in hands-on technical training using the IMDS Training Server on how to correct common OEM rejections and work more efficiently with multiple OEM submissions.

In addition, International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG) leaders will present IAEG’s official material content reporting approach. Confirmed speakers include Lockheed Martin and GE Aviation.

By attending this workshop, automotive suppliers will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to minimize or eliminate future IMDS and CAMDS rejections, resulting in decreased reporting workload.

To learn more about the event and how to register, visit https://imdsworkshop.eventbrite.com.

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