Apr 17, 2018 Ford Presentation

OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop Questions now 100% Answered

Answers to all OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop questions, have now been posted.  Special thanks to DXC, Honda, Toyota, Ford and GM for all the hard work in providing the detailed responses to all supplier technical questions over the past month.

Next OEM IMDS Workshop will be Sep 25, 2018

  Registration for the next Tetra Tech OEM IMDS Workshop has opened today – May 23, 2018.  Initially registration will only be open for companies who attended the 1st Workshop which took place on Apr. 17th.  If there are any remaining openings for the Sep workshop in mid- June, we will then extend invitations to companies […]

Eight-thousandth IMDS Trainee to Receive Special Prize

On Jan 10, 2002, Tetra Tech’s first IMDS training took place, with the first registrant being Mr. Randy Van Duinen of American Metal and Plastics, Inc. Since that time, we have trained an additional 7,895 individuals in our 8 hour classroom trainings. That is 63,168 hours of IMDS classroom training; or 7 years, 2 months […]

Buckle Up: IMDS Reporting is Going “Open Source”

The automotive industry’s IMDS reporting process for documenting global regulatory compliance is based upon the premise that an entire multi-trillion-dollar industry can successfully share common tools, processes and approaches to provide mutual benefit for all industry stakeholders. It is an immense effort and doesn’t happen without full engagement up and down the supply chain. This article discusses three ways […]

Tetra Tech Facilitates Major Automotive Industry Event

Tetra Tech is partnering with the four major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)—Ford, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota—to facilitate a rare opportunity for the automotive supply chain to hear directly from OEMs about their needs and reporting requirements. Tetra Tech will present the Automotive OEM International Material Data System (IMDS) and China Automotive Material Data System (CAMDS) […]

Why Are My IMDS Submissions Getting Rejected?

It’s not all in your imagination. Despite having an IMDS reporting process in place for many years the rejection rate for your company’s IMDS submissions is rising. Some of the rejections are based on all-too-familiar, chronic issues your team has always struggled with. Some appear to be entirely new – and somewhat puzzling- new OEM […]

The Top 24 Most Common IMDS Rejections and How to Fix Them

For the past 15-20 years, it has been a requirement for the automotive industry to report material content of vehicle components into the International Material Data System (IMDS). In preparation for an upcoming industry-wide IMDS workshop, Tetra Tech is currently working on an extensive categorization of IMDS data quality issues. One of the fruits of our labors is […]