OEM IMDS Requirements

On April 17, 2018, Tetra Tech facilitated the OEM IMDS/CAMDS Workshop, which addressed the IMDS requirements for the four major U.S. automakers. Ford, GM, Honda, and Toyota presented their IMDS requirements, most common reasons for IMDS rejections, and future changes in OEM IMDS requirements; and provided sources for additional support for the supply chain.

Automotive suppliers must report to multiple OEM customers with differing data quality requirements, chemical reporting lists, and IMDS submittal deadlines. Tetra Tech has created various free templates and tools to help create a consolidated approach for suppliers who manage multiple OEM reporting requirements.

One fundamental challenge faced by the supply chain is simply locating all OEM IMDS data quality requirements. The IMDSPortal serves as a central repository for accessing all OEM IMDS data quality requirements; explaining and summarizing them in clear, concise terms. Some OEMs do not publicly release all aspects of their requirements; therefore we have provided links below that will direct you to the IMDS requirements for all major, global OEMs.

As Tetra Tech has managed IMDS reporting for hundreds of suppliers we also have a detailed, comprehensive inventory of OEM requirements, which we update on a weeky basis.  This comprehensive set of OEM data requirements has allowed us to design reporting approaches and tools that eliminate redundancies when reporting to multiple OEM customers and improves data quality for OEM recipients.

Below you will find:

  • Detailed IMDS and CAMDS requirements for all global OEMs
  • A downloadable summary of major OEM requirements
  • A quiz that you can take to demonstrate your knowledge of each OEM’s IMDS requirements.  If you pass, you will receive a printable documentation of completion to prove you understand your customer’s requirements!
  • For OEMs who presented at the April 17, 2018 IMDS/CAMDS Workshop, their presentation materials are also accessible to you if you attended the event, and if you have an IMDSPortal login.