Since the early days of IMDS, there have been a variety of software vendors who have developed solutions to support IMDS reporting. These solutions have varied from simple, macro-driven spreadsheets to fully integrated commercial applications with electronic upload-download capabilities.

Tetra Tech’s involvement with these solutions has always remained that of an objective consultant, acting in our clients’ best interests to help them select the best solution for their needs. We have partnered closely with all major vendors as a technical resource to implement, install, and integrate these platforms into our clients’ IMDS reporting approach.

Leveraging our 17 years of experience working with these tools and vendors, we can assess which tools may add value to your IMDS reporting efforts. All of the tools below fill a need in the market, but they are not one-size-fits-all solutions. A trusted, experienced, and neutral adviser can walk you through each of these systems’ features to determine which solutions are the best fit for your organization. Contact us at if you wish to discuss the pros and cons of any third-party tools.

In many cases, you may not need to invest in any software at all. The automotive OEMs have provided you access to the free IMDS database.  And Tetra Tech has created free, electronic templates and tools that may eliminate the need to purchase software.

Below are introductions to three of the leading commercial applications that support upload and download from IMDS, as well as a table which summarizes the features of each of these solutions.

Dassault’s Materials Compliance Manager (MCM)

In 2001, Tetra Tech began supporting several Tier 1 clients with integration of a third-party application known as Centor Compliance X-Sight, a platform used to assemble Bill of Material data using supplier-provided material composition data.  X-Sight allowed Tetra Tech’s clients to perform detailed analysis on the products to measure compliance using substance threshold analysis, determine supplier compliance or reporting deficiencies, and review product recycled content.

X-Sight leveraged a spreadsheet tool known as Compliance Connect to solicit and transmit data from suppliers.  Centor was sold to Matrix One, which was acquired by Enovia, which was later purchased by Dassault.  The core technology behind these solutions has gone through 6 upgrades and is now known as Dassault’s Materials Compliance Module (MCM), which will release version 6 in Fall 2018.

The most recent releases have been enhanced to include an optional Supplier Portal, additional import/export functionality and reports. Tetra Tech continues to utilize the MCM software as part of our daily work to support client product compliance requirements.

iPoint’s iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA)

iPoint is a German company which has been a leader in the material content space since the early days of IMDS reporting.  iPoint’s robust technology allows upload-download into IMDS and other central data repositories and has been used by some of the largest US automakers for managing their supply chain material content reporting campaigns.  Tetra Tech works onsite at major automotive OEMs and automotive Tier 1s providing hands-on support of the iPCA application.  We have several staff members who use iPCA on a daily basis. They are well-versed in its features and in how to use the tool in an optimized manner.

iPoint’s iPCMP conflict minerals reporting platform is the application of choice for the automotive industry’s Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals reporting requirements.  Tetra Tech has trained over 100 companies on use of iPCMP and uses the tool on a daily basis to provide conflict minerals reporting for our clients.

DXC’s IMDS Advanced Accelerator

Finally, there are tools provided by the company that developed IMDS –  now known as DXC Technologies (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise).  DXC has its own tool for material content data collection and supply chain management, known as the Advanced Accelerator (AA).  AA is a lighter version material content reporting tool which of course very tightly integrates with IMDS, as the tool was created by the same company that created IMDS.  AA can be purchased on the IMDS website.  Tetra Tech has used AA (and its predecessor) on our clients’ IMDS data entry projects since 2004.

DXC’s Compliance Data Exchange (CDX)

Another tool available from DXC is the non-automotive-focused Compliance Data Exchange (CDX). CDX is useful for companies that have both automotive and non-automotive components and want to streamline their material content reporting program by using the same DXC technology for all their customers while abiding by the constraints of the IMDS Terms of Use, which generally limit IMDS reporting to automotive-business-only.

CDX also includes Conflict Minerals Declaration (CMD) Manager.  This module of CDX, enables users to collect, roll-up, and report Conflict Minerals.  Used, in conjunction with IMDS and / or CDX data, the CMD Manager has proven valuable to several active Tetra Tech clients.

View DXC’s IMDS CAMDS Workshop Presentation here (Event Attendees Only).

Features Summary: Software Supporting IMDS Reporting Capabilities

Application Conflict Minerals Reporting BoM Imports Custom Reports Integration with IMDS Stand- alone application Free Base License Reporting Beyond Automotive
IMDS With License N/A X X
CDX X With License Substance List Only With License X X X
AA Minor X w/IMDS

DISCLAIMER:  As vendor features frequently change, Tetra Tech cannot guarantee this information to be complete nor accurate.