Why does IMDS not always bring up the latest submission even when using the IMDS number?

Answer courtesy of C. LePard, DXC Technologies

In some circumstances, the “latest” submission is not easily identified. If a supplier sends version 2 of a datasheet, then version 3, and the recipient accepts version 3, then version 2, which one is the “latest? From the supplier’s perspective, it is 3, but from the recipient’s perspective, it is 2, until the revised MDS is referenced from owned datasheets, at which time “latest” becomes indeterminate. There are valid situations where a company will accept revision 3, then revision 2, so we can’t just disable this capability without taking away a capability some companies need. IMDS does issue a warning when the latest version is not the most recent version, but this is about the best the system can do. This will likely remain a problematic situation that those sending and accepting MDSs should avoid creating whenever possible.